Mittelalterhaus Nienover
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We are...

On this homepage, the term “We” is often used but who is that? On the one hand, it is the Northeim administration for being financier and owner of the house, on the other hand there are actors and complementary helpers who put a great deal of work and passion into the house. They activate medieveal times and make our guests feel welcome.
For eight years, we have Reenactment Groups supporting us frequently, showing us with great competence and knowledge how living and working in the 13th century looked like. Since nothing is more exciting than reality (at least as close to it as we can). Your visit is most welcome to join the scenery.

On this Homepage, no Sponsors will be found. This however is not by means of disregard. The Homepage is to be seen as an addition to the Website of the Northeim administration. It is an independent and private initiative, which is closely linked to the Northeim administration and their department of archaeology and only serves to inform the visitors about the project of “Living- History” in the house and give them the opportunity of direct contact. For those who want to get more information on the construction of the house or about the touristic offers of the area, we recommend to visit the Homepage of the Northeim administration.