Mittelalterhaus Nienover
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Our Activities and Events

The house can be used for many different kinds of events and activities but with everything we do we set a high value on having an adequate an nearly authentic medieval standard.

Living History

We want to approach the 13th century in our own way and do intensive research on the matter, trying to stay as close to the historical sources as we can, only making compromises when there is absolutely no other way. We love the journey through time and try to take the visitors with us.
We present the medieval times as close to reality as possible and do not try to present something that has never happened. Reality is far more interesting!


On weekends many Reenactors from all over Germany come to visit the house. Most of them practise this passion for many years, are historically very accurate and give the visitor a very vivid look into the past. They are very qualified and competent and many times present a craft, where the visitor can additionally admire the love of detail the groups all share. To avoid falsifying the picture, the visitors are advised to wear workaday clothing because dressed-up people will not be allowed to enter the area to avoid irritations and "conflicts".

English Tours
On request, we also offer English tours. For contact please follow the link below.

Music Events

The house is a perfect place for Music Events. The large hall offers enough space for about 20 to 25 guests to attend a little concert, outside we even have a small stage.
In 2011, we arranged 6 concerts with different medieval musicians. The evening time presented the visitors a romantic site with an arising moon. The house inside was illuminated with oil lamps which accentuated the "medieval atmosphere".
The audience was embraced about the stories and the music from former times.